About Us


Qualli Multimedia Communications (QMC Media), is audiovisual communication and digital media development that with qualified and highly experienced personnel, which provides content generation services and high-quality concepts in the information and production with which they are made.

And that they also offer their knowledge and expertise to those who want to venture on their own in both media development and content creation, providing training to maximize expression skills, message structuring, and generation or optimization of their own platforms with effective tools of the times of digital information.


Position QMC Media as a leading platform for digital audiovisual media, and which will be a benchmark in the market for its high-quality original content of its own generation, as well as for its technical and transmission capacity.

Provide its clients with high quality production to publicize their products and services through audiovisual content.

To be a reference for new content creators as their starting point, where they can find both technical tools and information and high-value training to develop their skills as communicators and in structuring messages.


Qualli is a word that comes from Nahuatl, the language spoken by pre-Hispanic indigenous civilizations in a region that encompasses what is now central and southern Mexico. It means “the good”, “the well done”, “what is done with quality”.

The term was used in the work, actions, utensils and tools made by the Olmec, Zapotec-Mixtec and Aztec cultures, to describe those things “well done” or of “high quality”.

To this we must add another of our key elements, and it lies in the design of the logo, which is based on a “glyph”. That is, a symbol or figure that is part of the writings of these ancient civilizations and that represents more than a single word, a whole concept or action. One of the most common in pre-Hispanic codices is the one that describes the act of communication itself, and that shows the action made from a sound emitted by the mouth of its emitter to make an idea known as the minimum unit of a language. The spoken word.

QMC Media recreates both concepts of pre-Hispanic culture in America in the current era, where technology and digital information open up wide possibilities to optimally satisfy a key and ancient need of our civilization, which is to communicate.