Streaming Services

  Within the advance of the digital world, developing a multimedia platform for radio broadcasters, new content creators or companies that need audiovisual communication in their establishments with service to the public, has now become a necessity.

We can be an important ally for the development of your business, since we provide:

 Audio/Video Streaming Services for Radio Broadcasters

The current way of doing “visual radio” through the internet; a concept that takes your station to the next level and magnifies its original essence and profile, retains its current audience and attracts new audience segments that now only consume content through a computer or mobile devices.

Audio and Video Streaming Services for Content Creators

Streaming opens up infinite possibilities for new content creators to generate their own online radio or television station with a powerful, stable signal and wide coverage. It is the opportunity for people, companies or social organizations to open their own audiovisual media, aimed at specific audience segments.

Private Audio and Video channels for businesses

Through streaming services, you can have one or several private environmental audio and/or video channels to keep your customers comfortable and informed at your business facilities, and in which you can program music, promotions of your own business, or content of interest that reinforces the quality or need to request or purchase the products or services you offer.


Technical Support

We guarantee a continuous and stable transmission 24/7, with technical support always available, easy installation of the transmission system and the necessary training to obtain the best performance for your station.

Periodically we will be offering courses, seminars and workshops to our clients so that they obtain the maximum performance from the services they have contracted and that range from:

• How to program a station.
• How to define your profile and distinguish yourself in the market
• Marketing tools, search engines and online advertising for your station
• Training in the use of audio and video recording and editing software.
• Training for on-air talents
• Copyright licenses for music

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